Sara Lee Wheat Bread Reviews

I have purchased Sara Lee Honey Wheat bread quite often, but this last loaf with expiration date of September 30 smells very strongly like nail polish remover. I have not noticed this odor in previous loaves. I will be throwing out this loaf and will not be purchasing the product again. Perhaps Sara Lee needs to investigate. I noticed another complaint describing the same odor..
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Anonymous I called Sara Lee to report the issue of the strong odor. Their explanation, "that happens sometimes when getting close to expiration date". Like it's no big deal. My opi...

I opened a newly purchased loaf of Sara Lee Honey Wheat bread to make sandwiches for my family's lunch. Needless to say.... we had no sandwiches because the loaf of bread smelled like chemicals. It smelled like finger nail polish remover! I have purchased your products forever but this is the last loaf I will ever buy. Unbelievable .... I am very angry about the 20 something ingredients in this bread when it only take 4 ingredients to make. ...
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I didn't like
  • Smells like finger nail polish remover