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I have been using your multigrain Delightful and I really like it. I bought a loaf a couple of days ago and half way in the loaf was holes in the bread, I am very concerned that maybe a bug or something could have eaten through it.....picture attached...two of the slices were starting to get holes Read more

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I have purchased Sara Lee Honey Wheat bread quite often, but this last loaf with expiration date of September 30 smells very strongly like nail polish remover. I have not noticed this odor in previous loaves. I will be throwing out this loaf and will not be purchasing the product again. Perhaps Sara Lee needs to investigate. I noticed another complaint describing the same odor. Read more

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I opened a newly purchased loaf of Sara Lee Honey Wheat bread to make sandwiches for my family's lunch. Needless to say.... we had no sandwiches because the loaf of bread smelled like chemicals. It smelled like finger nail polish remover! I have purchased your products forever but this is the last loaf I will ever buy. Unbelievable .... I am very angry about the 20 something ingredients in this bread when it only take 4 ingredients to make. ... Read more

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I am very upset. I buy 3 loaves of this bread each week. This week all 3 loaves were like this! I am dieting so missing a portion of bread from each slice is a big deal. Very disappointed especially with the price I pay! Read more

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Sara Lee Cheesecake Cake Review from Columbia, South Carolina
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Strawberry cheesecake had several strands of blond hair in the container with strawberry cheesecake. I was enjoying cheesecake until I saw this hair. One strand of the blond hair was in the container in the graham cracker crust and the other strand of blond hair was on the label that listed the nutrition facts and ingredients at the bottom of container. Neither my husband or I have blond hair. See attached photos. Read more

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Sara Lee Deluxe Bagels Cinnamon Raisin
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I usually buy a different brand of bagels but because Sara Lee Deluxe Bagels Cinnamon Raisin were a little cheaper and had the Sara Lee name on them I thought I was getting a deal however I am very disappointed in these as they are suppose to have raisins and cinnamon and you can't taste the cinnamon but the real thing that bugs me is that each bagel had a total of about 2 raisins in them give or take. I think the reason they were cheaper then... Read more

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Bought these cakes tonight. They were BEST BY March 26,th. Called Smith's and she said THEY are in control of sticking. My real complaint though is that these were very VERY dry and crumbly. I can't believe they were willing to sell these for the last 30 days much less until 3 Days Ago!! First time purchasing $4 cakes and this just made me a HOSTESS FOR LIFER!

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We purchased a apple pie with crumbs on top for Easter. I always get this same pie. Usually it's gteat. This pie inn question, had no crust. The apple filling came over the ends. Also, this pie, the apples were sour? They could have been bad. I don't know. I would like if you could replace the pie. I will get this pie again. However, if it's like this one, i won't then be purchasing anothe pie from you. Read more

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Lousy mushy rolls from Sara Lee. I am not pissed just dismayed about product. OKay Goodbye!! I don't have eighty words to say about this product, first time I have been dismayed about Sara Lee Products, as I said I am not pissed off just dismayed that they usually have great products and I had to throw away 2 pkgs. of the Hawaiian type rolls and no little trays of cute little sandwiches for my guests, as I said I am dismayed but far from being... Read more

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Your supposedly Hawaiian Rolls are the most terrible I have tasted, like they were raw, I certainly wasted my money...Never again ...I knew in my heart they would be terrible the way the mushed up. I work in a Grocery store, and your rolls do not have my vote......ruins your good reputation.....mushy like they weren't even baked. I really doubt they were cooked, could not even slice them, they were awful. had to toss two packages out for the... Read more

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